Wish List

Each year camp is able to build upon previous years, making it better for future campers and staff.

The Big Idea:  At some point, we envision owning a physical geographic camp facility that can be used whenever needed for a variety of ways.

In the meantime, here are some ongoing and one-time ‘needs’ for where we are currently at:

Ongoing needs each year: 

Wasp Traps
Lip balm
CPR Masks
Gift cards/accounts at grocery stores (Albertsons, Safeway, Wal-Mart, etc.)
Life Jackets – all sizes – approx. $30.00 each
Gift cards/accounts at sporting goods stores (Bob Wards, etc.)
Gift cards/accounts at office supply stores (Staples, Office Depot, etc.)
AA and AAA Batteries
Sleeping bags
Give-away gifts of all kinds

Wish List Items:

3-Jet Skiis
2-Laptop Computers – approx. $800.00 each
1-Pontoon Boat
2-overhead projectors and TV monitors
1-Ski/Wakeboarding Boat
1-14′ or 16′ duel axel trailer (or larger)
Mobile gas tank (100+ gallon)/trailer – approx. $1,000.00
5000+ Watt Generator
10+ Acres on a lake to build a permanent youth camp