The S.I.T. (staff in training) program is designed to provide practical experience and training for teens who think they may want to become staff members.

It incorporates a combination of:

1) part-time staff work, working in various areas of service,

2) group staff training,

3) dorm involvement,

4) individual assessment, and

4) setup/take down experience.

The SIT experience is designed to give a potential young staff members leadership experience working part-time in various areas of camp while also participating in dorm activities on a part-time.


1) Register as a regular camper at CAMPDOC, and

2) APPLY for the SIT program with your preferred area(s) of work interest.


1.    Must be between the ages of 13-17 years old. (Jr SIT:  13-14 | Sr SIT:  15-17)

2.    Must be recommended by a staff member.

3.    It is generally expected (although not required) that you have been a camper at camp in a previous year.

Expectations of SIT Members:

1.    The SIT will register as a camper as normal.

2.    The SIT will apply for the SIT program by filling out the SIT application form and attend the spring Boot Camp weekend training retreat.

3.    SIT campers will arrive at camp along with the regular staff to help set-up camp.

4.    SIT campers will participate in staff training along-side regular staff along with any sessions directed specifically to the SIT program.

5.    SIT will be assigned to a home dorm as a camper.

6.    The days are broken into 3 sections:  Morning session, afternoon session, evening session.  Each session begins with the meal-time and ends with the next meal time or evening bed time.

a.    SIT will also be assigned to ‘shadow’ a working dorm (vs. their home dorm) for a 1/2 day (JR SIT) or full day (SR SIT) of camp activities.  They will be expected to be involved and ‘practice’ at the option of the dorm leader.

Time commitment:  4 (Jr) / 8 (Sr)  hours in-service work plus 8 hours in pre/post camp training/setup/take down.

b.    SIT will be assigned to ‘shadow’ an activity or service area for a 1/2 day (JR SIT) or full day (SR SIT) of camp activities.  This may be split into two areas for SR SIT (e.g. morning vs. afternoon vs. evening) with approval of the activity and/or service area leaders.  They will be expected to participate and ‘practice’ at the option of the assigned leader.

Time:  4 (Jr) / 8 (Sr) hours in-service, 16 hours in pre/post camp training/setup/take down.

7.    SIT will join their home dorm for the remainder of camp.

8.    SIT members will meet with the counselor and/or SIT team leader to discuss what they have learned.

9.    SIT members will meet with the camp director to discuss what they have learned.

10.  There is no guarantee that a SIT member will be accepted as a full time staff member in future camp years.


The following expectations are required of staff members that allow a S.I.T. member to shadow their dorm and/or activity area:

1.  Staff will appropriately supervise the SIT member.

2.  Staff will give the SIT member appropriate opportunity to help in serve in their area of responsibility.

3.  Staff will have a short conversation with the SIT member in relation to strengths and weaknesses of the SIT member with the objective to provide constructive and encouraging feedback.

TRAITS of a good SIT

1.  You must be willing to work HARD.

2.  Be willing to ‘do anything’ (IDA = I’ll do anything).

3.  Have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

4.  Patient.

5.  Loves kids.

6.  Outgoing.

7.  Imaginative / Creative.


There will be no formal scoring or graded evaluations for the program.  Progress notes will be noted by supervisors/dorm leaders and the director based upon our observations of strengths as a potential staff member and areas that could use improvement.

*S.I.T.s can receive a letter demonstrating their hours of community service for work they complete.