Camp is an amazing experience for young people and staff alike.  As a result, we do not want anyone who wants to attend camp to not be able to attend due to finances.  We have a variety of generous people who are willing to sponsor a limited number of kids for camp by providing a partial or full scholarship for them.

Camper Tuition Scholarship

Provided by local community businesses, services organizations, individuals, camp staff, and churches, this general scholarship fund provides for the bulk of those applying for a scholarships.  This scholarship can be received for up to the entire tuition cost minus the application fee.  To apply for this general scholarship, fill out the scholarship request.

To be eligible for a scholarship, you should do the following:

  1. Show the need.  Fill out the appropriate form(s) – one for each camper you are requesting sponsorships for.
  2. If you can, we would like to see scholarship recipients volunteer to help in some way – fundraising, setup, take down, etc.  However, we recognize some just cannot make this work, and it is not be a requirement.
  3. If approved for a scholarship, you will receive a Scholarship Coupon Code to enter into your online registration process at CampDoc.  Submit your camper application as normal (enter the scholarship coupon for payment).  There is a $25.00 application fee for all camper applications.

You should hear if you are approved for a scholarship with 7 days of application.

– Scholarship Application – Fill out 1 per child –

Staff Scholarship

For each full-time staff worker who volunteers and is accepted to work at Beacon of Montana Youth Camp, we will award one full tuition scholarship for a dependent child.  The child should be a legal dependent of your household.