Will you require campers and/or staff to wear masks or be vaccinated for COVID-19

Overnight camp is 100% outdoors for the entire week, including strenuous outdoor activities and water-based activities.  Beacon of Montana will not require staff or children to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend camp.  We will also not require masks of staff or children, however, all are welcome to bring and wear masks if desired.  We would encourage parents to have a conversation with their children before coming to camp to relay their desires related to wearing a mask while at camp.  Staff will attempt to honor parents desires for their children related to mask wearing when practical.

Are staff checked for a history of criminal or sexual offense activity?

Yes. All our staff have criminal background checks on file with the office. Anyone with any record of sexual offense is disqualified from working as a staff member.

What is the ratio of campers to staff?

Generally, we have a ratio of about 1.5 camper to 1 staff member.

Is this a day camp or overnight camp?

Both. Beacon of Montana Youth Camp has both an overnight camp and a day camp.  Overnight Camp is for kids going into 2nd grade through 17 years old. Parents drop off kids at the beginning of camp and pick them up at the end of camp. Day Camp is a day camp only for younger kids Kindergarten through age 12 years old.

Who sponsors camp?

Beacon of Montana is a faith-based para-church organization, formerly SEP Montana Youth Camp.  As SEP Montana, a variety of Christian churches around Montana, business, individuals, and civic organizations have combined resources to make the event happen each year.  Examples of past supporters have included McDonalds of Helena, Helena Valley Faith Center, Heuiser Physical Therapy, Tizer Meats, Meineke, Set Free Helena, Sportsmans Warehouse, Kiwanis Club, Johnson & Associates, Inc. and others.  In 2020, SEP Montana rebranded as Beacon of Montana Youth Camp.

What does it cost for my child to attend camp?

Currently, cost is 200.00 per child for the overnight youth camp and $100 per child for the day camp. Scholarships may also be available on an as-need basis. This cost covers all food, lodging, and activities. The cost of camp has been highly subsidized by our sponsors to help keep the cost down.

Can I attend camp with my child?

For a variety of reasons, parents/friends/etc. of campers cannot attend camp unless they are officially enrolled in camp. If a parent would like to attend camp with their child, we have a limited number of volunteer staff openings which can be applied for. However, parents are welcome to stop by for a visit any time camp is in session. Check in at the office and we will be happy to show you around.