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A special THANK YOU to our amazing volunteer staff and sponsors for SEP Montana. They are the best.

Our sponsors include the following.We are trying to list them as they come in, so check back often.If your name should be here and it is not, please forgive the oversight – it may be in process of being updated and isn’t showing up yet.However, please contact us and let us know in case there was an oversight.We do not want to miss you!


Platinum Sponsors: ($2500.00+)

Water Fun Rentals

“We rent fun!”
Helena, MT 59601
Pontoon boats, Sports boats, Jet skis, Fishing boats, Water skies, Tubes, etc!

Living Hope Fellowship

4954 Arrowhead Drive
Helena, MT 59602

Helena Valley Faith Center

708 E. Groschell St.
East Helena, MT 59635

Anonymous Donor -Helena, MT

Tom Palmer – Helena, MT

Advance Network –

Gold: ($1000.00-$2499.99)

  • Grace Communion-Boise Church
  • Johnson & Associates, Inc. – Web site application development
  • Living Grace Christian Fellowship – Coeur d Alene, Idaho
  • Fahlquist, Leigh/Tara – Camper, Scholarship fund

 Silver: ($500.00-$999.99)

Bronze: ($250.00-$499.99)

    • Exit Realty
    • Robert Schoenborne-paintball supplies
    • Keith Goble-archery equipment
    • James/Dannielle Douglas – Bar-b-q’s, Hog for raffle
    • McDonalds of Helena
    • Hampton Inn
    • Big Bull Bar and Grill – Tosten
    • Bill/Carol Bergstead – Waterfront gas tank
    • Bob Starkey – Wakeboarding equipment/boat
    • Trefor/Elizabeth Thomas
    • Sweetheart Baker

Copper Level:($100.00-$249.99)

    • Cinch Design – Photo editing
    •  Capital City Natural Medicine
    • Great Northern Best Western Hotel – Helena
    • Meineke Car Care Center
    • Jan Duiker
    • Lynn Judd
    • Leilani’s Lattes – TaraleeMongoven
    • Robert and Thais Schoenborne-paintball equipment
    • Burt/Barbara Phillips

Supporter: (Various donations)

  • Alenna Maw
  • Tom and Lori Tarr
  • Buffalo Jump Archery
  • Kristen McDonald – Archery hay bales
  • Good Samaritan Ministries
  • John Swanson
  • Wal-Mart of Helena
  • Smart drive Inc.
  • Grandstreet Theater
  • Silver Steak Company – Helena
  • Friendly’s Sinclair
  • Frotheez (coffee and soft serve)
  • Fred Maw, Faith Johnson, James Douglas, and Sam Beauchamp
  • Rae Ham
  • Connie Gersbach


Volunteers Staff for 2017
Attard, Amanda (PT) Attard, Tom (PT) Beauchamp, Sam (FT) Beauchamp, Sheree (FT)
Bring, Codianne (FT) Brooks, Anjanette (FT) Brooks, Edward (FT) Brooks, Jerry (FT)
Burnside, Cole (FT) Carley, Desiree (FT) Carley, Halie (FT) Carley, John (FT)
Carley, Serena (FT) Carter, Jackie (FT) Carter, Robert (FT) Charles, shelly (FT)
Collins, Josh (FT) Douglas, Dannielle (FT) Douglas, James (FT) drogitis, sam (PT)
Edwards, Lacey (FT) Ellefsen, Dave (PT) Fahlquist, Leigh (PT) Fahlquist, Tara (FT)
Fine, Darian (FT) Fine, Deandre (FT) Gonzalez, Quinte (FT) Huber, Lee (PT)
Hughes, Lori (FT) Ivers, Tiffany (FT) Jacobsen, Alain (PT) Jacobsen, Solenn (PT)
Johnson, Barbara (FT) Johnson, Jim (FT) Johnson, Tobe (FT) Lincoln, Breanna (FT)
loendorf, Christen (FT) loendorf, SHAWN (FT) Loomer, Nick (FT) Maw, Betty (FT)
Maw, Brittney (FT) Maw, Caterina (FT) Maw, Trevor (FT) Maw III, Fred (FT)
Maw IV, Freddie (FT) McDuffie, Collin (FT) mcmanus, brad (FT) Merrill, Jamie (FT)
Mohs, Richard (PT) Mohs, Robyn (FT) Palmer, Tom (FT) Phillips, Jolee (FT)
Ranger, Kim (PT) Rickard, Sarah (PT) Rose, Ashley (FT) Rose, Kalee (FT)
Rose, Kendra (FT) Schatz, Bailey (FT) Schatz, Joanne (FT) Sommers, Gabe (FT)
Swartz, Jeffrey (FT) Tuipulotu, Christian (FT) Wark, Don (FT) Wark, Victoria (FT)
wilson, charlie (FT) Wilson, Jennifer (FT) Yetter, Anna (FT) Yetter, Richard (FT)