Job Descriptions

Following is a listing of general job descriptions for the various roles at camp.

Hellgate Overnight Camp

Dorm Counselor (4 male, 4 female)

Dorm Counselors responsibilities include: maintaining the physical and spiritual health and well-being of a group of approximately 16 campers each day; leading cabin devotions; keeping campers on schedule for daily activities; facilitating games and activities; and most importantly, being a positive Christian role model for all campers. Counselors should have a mature and active faith in Christ. Counselors must be extremely flexible and responsible people. It is a very fulfilling position, but demands energy, love for kids and a servant’s attitude for God as a motivation. Counselors must be high school graduates and have experience working with children of all ages. At least one year of college preferred.

Dorm Assistant Counselor
(4 male, 4 female)

Dorm Assistant Counselors are responsible to the Dorm Counselor. Responsibilities include: assisting Dorm Counselors with “needy” campers –including bunking with groups, spending one-on-one time with specific campers, or just being an “extra hand” for counselors; assisting camp staff wherever needed. Dorm Assistants must be positive Christian role models, flexible, and willing to serve wherever they are needed. Applicants must be 16 years old and are preferred to be high school graduates and have experience working with kids.

Lifeguards (4)
Lifeguards are responsible to the Head Life Guard. Responsibilities include helping conduct swim tests, instructing a swim class; providing a safe atmosphere in and around the water areas; maintaining and cleaning all equipment. Lifeguards must hold current Lifeguard Training, Standard First Aid and Adult CPR certifications.

Mini Camp (2)

Minicamp staff are responsible for organizing and leading daily activities for “minicampers”, staff children ages 2-7 years. Minicamp staff must be at least 16 years old and have experience working with young children.  The Minicamp Coordinator is responsible to the Camp Director.

Nursery (1-2)

The Nursery Coordinator and Staff report to the Camp Director. Nursery staff work closely with the MiniCamp staff and are responsible for organizing and leading daily activities for the small babies and toddlers ages 0-2 years old of staff workers. As small children are only allowed if their parents are staff workers, the nursery staff gets to watch the babies so the parents can be productive in their assigned areas of responsibility.  Nursery staff must be at least 16 years old and have experience working with babies and toddlers.  The nursery runs beginning at morning breakfast and goes through evening dinner time.

Photography / Videography (2-3)

The Photographer/Videographer team responsibilities include: operating a digital camera; operating digital video camera; compiling still photos and video footage of campers from each day into a highlight video set to music. Photographers must must bring their own equipment (cameras, computers, printers, etc.).  Office workspace will be provided.

Food Services (5-6)

The Kitchen Crew consists of a Food Services Coordinator and kitchen staff.  Kitchen staff reports to the Food Services Coordinator, and responsibilities include: assisting in menu planning; preparing and serving of the daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner); and preparing additional snacks and food as warranted. The kitchen crew reports to the Food Services Coordinator and responsibilities include: assisting in the preparation and serving of meals; washing the dishes; maintaining kitchen cleanliness; setup before and cleanup after meals. The kitchen staff has the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of camp programming while they serve. Kitchen crew applicants must be at least 16 years old.

Office Staff (1-2)

The Office Staff is responsible to the Office Manager. Responsibilities include: assisting the Office Manager in office administration duties including, but not limited to, fielding phone calls, filing, typing, and maintaining check-in/out reports. The applicant must be responsible, organized, and possess good communication skills.

Safety/Security (2-3)

The Safety/Security team is responsible for the general safety and security of staff and campers, including: day and night security patrols; providing “crowd control” during camp events; serving as ushers during chapel events. Additional duties may include: setup and take down for events. The applicants must be physically able to lift heavy objects and able to work with little supervision. Security staff often work at night when everyone else is sleeping.

Camp Nurse (1-2 RN, 1-2 other medically trained staff – e.g. LPN, CNA, etc.)

The medical team is responsible for maintaining the on-site medical office.  The camp nurse (RN) is primarily responsible for helping with injuries, scrapes, an other minor injuries and storing/tracking/giving out medications as necessary.

 Guest Speaker (1)

Each year, camp invites a guest speaker to come in and talk with the kids about Jesus.  Responsibilities of the guest speaker include delivering a ‘kid friendly’ message to young children on Chapel day, and working in coordination with the Chaplain and Camp Director related to spiritual issues.

Worship Team (3-4)

The worship team leads worship for the Friday night workship service and the Sunday staff worship services.  The worship team will typical consist of musicians such as acustic guitar, keyboard, bongos or other ‘simple’ instruments that can be easily set up in an outdoor camp enviornment.  The worship team members will typically have a secondary job as well.

Chaplain (1)

The on-site camp chaplain reports directly to the Camp Director or Spiritual Program leader if the chaplain is not the spiritual team leader.  The chaplain must be of the Christian faith and assists campers and staff in spiritual matters of faith throughout the camp session.  Specific duties include leading staff in morning devotionals, working with campers and staff on spiritual issues, advising on baptism and helping with or leading the baptismal service and other duties as necessary.

Drama Team

The drama team works with the Camp Director to put together various drama presentations to help teach or enforce specific points for campers and staff.  Drama team members will work part time in this area and part time in other areas.  Applicants should have a ‘flair’ for the dramatic and enjoy acting and stage work.

Dining Hall Monitor (1)

The dining hall monitor works closely with the Food Services director in directing traffic flow into/out of the kitchen facilities, relaying announcements to staff and campers.  The dining hall monitor will work part time in this capacity and also work in other capacities.

Dorm Captains (6)

The dorm captains are responsible for leading ONE dorm to be set up at the beginning of camp and ONE dorm to be put down at the end of camp.  The dorm captain is trained in setup/take down and leads the dorm in the process of doing it properly.  This is a short-term role that is enacted during set-up at the beginning of camp and during take-down at the end of camp.  The dorm captains will report directly to the Facilities Manager.

Activity Leaders and Staff

Tubing, Arts & Crafts, Jet Skiing, Christian Living, Sapphire Mining, Team Building, Wilderness Skills, Paintball,  Archery, Movie Time

Individual Activity Leaders are responsible for providing a meaningful lesson with a spiritual focus for their activity; creating a lesson plan for each session; supervising activity staff; maintaining a safe atmosphere. The applicant must be responsible, organized, and possess good communication skills and show competence in working in their area of responsibility.

Activity staff for a specific activity area are responsible to their specific activity area leader.  Duties will be determined by their Activity Area leader, but would include assisting the activity leader in leading the activity, helping keep the kids safe at all times, assisting in keeping mechanical equipment clean and in good running order, and other various responsibilities.  Activity areas include:

    • Arts & Crafts (1-2)
    • Tubing (1 Boat Driver, 1 spotter)
    • General Waterfront (1-2)
    • Christian Living (1-2)
    • Sapphire Mining (1)
    • Team Building (1)
    • Wilderness Skills (1)
    • Paintball (1-2)
    • Movie Time (1)
    • Archery (1-2)
    • Horsemanship (1-2)