Scholarship Application

Camp is an amazing experience for young people and staff alike.  As a result, we do not want anyone who wants to attend camp to not be able to attend due to finances.  We have a variety of generous people who are willing to sponsor a limited number of kids for camp by providing a partial or full scholarship for them.

General SEP Montana Scholarship:

Provided by local community businesses, services organizations, individuals, camp staff, and churches, this general scholarship fund provides for the bulk of those applying for a scholarships to SEP Montana Youth Camp. This scholarship can be received for up to the entire tuition cost minus the application fee. To apply for this general scholarship, fill out the form below.

Montana National Guard Thrift Shop Scholarship:

If you are a child of a Montana Guard member going into the 4-8th grade this fall, you may also qualify for a scholarship from the Montana National Guard Thrift Shop of up to $50/child. Download this application here.

Staff Scholarship:

For each staff worker that volunteers and is accepted to work at SEP Montana Youth Camp, we will award one full tuition scholarship for a dependent child. The child should be a legal dependant of your household.

To be eligible for a scholarship, you should do the following:

  • Fill out the appropriate form(s) - one for each camper you are requesting sponsorships for.
  • Fill out the appropriate form(s) - one for each camper you are requesting sponsorships for.

    We will be doing a camper scholarship fundraiser delivering phone books around town in March. Contact us to see how you can help out.

  • If approved for a scholarship, you will receive a Scholarship Coupon Code to enter into your online registration process at CampDoc. Submit your camper application as normal (enter the scholarship coupon for payment). There is a $25.00 application fee for all camper applications.

You should hear if you are approved for a scholarship with 7 days of application.

SEP 2020 - Camper Scholarship Application

SEP Montana Youth Camp, thanks to the generous donation of community sponsors, churches and other funding, is able to provide a limited number of scholarships each year for campers with financial need.

SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST: You must submit a scholarship request to be eligable for a scholarship. Upon approval, you MUST submit a full camper application to redeem your scholarship.

APPLICATION FEE: There is a $25.00 application fee for ALL applications which must be paid when camper registration is submitted. This registration fee applies to ALL applications, even when your child receives a scholarship.

SERVICE: Scholarship recipients are expected to help support SEP Montana. You can do so by volunteering as a staff member, attending the March Fundraising Dinner event, or participating in other upcoming fundraising events.

NOTICE: You should receive notice within 7 days of scholarship approval.


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Please enter the information about your youth camper.




In order for us to assess your financial need, please provide us with as much information as possible.

Which camp would you like a scholarship for?
Total amount you can pay towards tuition for this camper: * Minimum payment amount is $25.00 for the camper application fee (collected when you submit your application). If you want to pay with a check, continue and fill out this application. At then end, when it asks you for a credit card payment, simply stop at that point.
$ Dollars . Cents
Amount you requesting from the SEP Montana general scholarship fund for this camper? * If you are registering and requesting scholarships for multiple campers, provide information on this form for this specific camper only.
$Dollars . Cents
Annual family income: *
How many family members in your household? *
Are there any other youth attending this camp from your household this year? *
Have you received a scholarship in the past to attend SEP Montana? *
Would you (parents) be able to help as a volunteer before/after or at camp? *
Which service event can you participate in?


You will still need to complete a camper application form to complete your childs application. You may do this immediately after the scholarship application, or you may wait for scholarship approval before submitting your camper application.